PE Article: VAL VERDE UNIFIED: Teachers get raise in deal

BY IMRAN GHORI / STAFF WRITER Published: Sept. 25, 2015 Updated: Sept. 27, 2015 2:49 p.m. Val Verde teachers have reached a tentative accord on a new contract, ending an impasse with the school district during which they had staged rallies to seek better pay. The Val Verde Teachers Association voted for the agreement by […]

Middle School Back to School Night Information Event

Thank you to all of you that took your time tonight to pass out flyers and talk to our Middle School parents.  Way to get the word out.  Here is a copy of the flyer for parents to see so they can contact the board and admin.  Parents have the power to make a difference […]

Press Enterprises Article on the Mediation Rally BY IMRAN GHORI / STAFF WRITER Published: Sept. 1, 2015 Updated: 10:47 p.m. COURTESY OF VAL VERDE TEACHERS ASSOCIATION Val Verde teachers are seeking better pay and have reached an impasse in talks with school district officials. The Val Verde Teachers Association, the union representing about 800 teachers, held a rally outside the district […]

Thank you for the Great Turn Out at the School Board Meeting!

Fellow Educators! The showing at tonight’s school board meeting was great, we had over 300 of our dedicated teachers show up.  The speeches were moving and powerful and you can see them on our facebook page or website. A sincere heart felt thank you to all those who attended physically and to those who were there in […]

Your President at the Podium

Board Notes 09-01-2015 Good evening, President Kirkland, School board members, Superintendent McCormick, colleagues, and community members, I am proud to be speaking on behalf of a group of teachers I truly respect and value.  The work they do every day for our students is amazing.  They are the hardest working teachers in the Inland Empire. […]

CSEA Backs Teachers

CSEA’s Vice President talked about how teachers who make the most difference and that our schools could run without administrators, but not teachers. Thank you CSEA for all of your support! #supportvalverdeteachers

Jose Ruilova at the Mic

Comparable districts in the surrounding areas would still be compensating their teachers better, even if all that the VVTA is bargaining for is approved. Surrounding districts are putting their money where their mouth is when saying that students are first, and rewarding teachers accordingly.  On the other hand, the pay for administrative staff is actually […]

Tiffany Williams Speaking to the Board

Tiffany talked about how we are all overworked and tired and get paid the lowest wages.  Because our subs are the lowest paid, we get to sub when we should be preparing for our next day.  It is all about the money and not about the students. #supportvalverdeteachers

Patti Morgan Talking About Common Core?

Good evening, Board members, Superintendent McCormick, Administrators and teachers, My name is Patti Morgan. I live in Riverside. I have worked at Val verde since 1986. I have seen a lot of growth and change in Val Verde. I too have grown and changed a lot. My latest adventure in education is Common Core. This […]

Sharman Asendorf Speaking to the Board

Sharman talked about how she grew up in our community and was the first in her family to go to college all because of the teachers that mentored her and she returned so she could reinvest in future students.  She asked to have teachers be competitive like our admin salaries already are.

Lorene Dinsmore Asking for Help

Help us out… that is what the administration and the school board has asked of we teachers for years. More than fifteen years ago, teachers were asked to give up class size reduction – Help us out to cut costs…. Teachers in all grade levels took more students into their classes.   Class sizes have never […]

Suzzette Johnson’s at the Podium

Good evening, My name is Suzette Johnson. I am a Kindergarten teacher at Victoriano Elementary and a CTA Representative.  I will be speaking to you this evening in these two capacities. In the past several years,our district, like all others in California, have gone through lean years due to budget cuts in education at both […]

Carol Jones’ Turn at the Mic

School Board Members, Fellow Educators, Classified Staff, Administrators, Parents, and Students, We work in a district telling its teachers they are the best at what they do, they are valued, and they are appreciated.  Yet, in spite of concessions teachers have made in the recent past, and the trust in your word, you are asking […]

Act Now Memo from VVTA Organizing Team

Val Verde Teachers, SEPTEMBER 1, 2015 SCHOOL BOARD MEETING 5:30 We need to act NOW! It’s time to step up, act out, or sit down forever. If we sit down now Val Verde teachers will never be taken seriously in the future and will never receive their just due! No movement was made at the […]