At Rally for Perris Elementary

There’s a lot of energy and solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Perris Elementary School District. If you are a community member of the Perris Elementary School District, please let the superintendent  and School Board know that you value your teachers.

Read Across America

I had a great time reading at Mead Valley Elementary School today . Did you know Read Across America is an NEA program? Our Union at work.

Construction has begun

We have been talking about for years the need for more space and air conditioning.  We finally have the plans,  the contractor and the funds.  Time to build!  With the new additions we will be able to provide more trainings and events for teachers in a comfortable environment.  We are adding a conference room, office, […]

Pence casts deciding vote to confirm DeVos as education secretary

Unqualified choice for public education!  Where do we go from here?  Pence casts deciding vote to confirm DeVos as education secretary

CTA State Council

Saturday I went to the CTA State Council Meeting.  I attended committee after committee and spoke with members of the CTA governing board about the inequity of dues for our preschool teachers statewide.  Our preschool teachers dues are disproportionally larger than our K-12 teachers.  While I am not sure of the outcome, I believe it was […]

Wear Red For Public Ed Tomorrow!

  Tuesday, January 31, 2017, is the confirmation hearing for Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education.  CTA is requesting that all members wear red. The campaign is called Wear Red for Ed. and it is another way of expressing our concern that Betsy DeVos not the right choice for Secretary of Education.  We want to […]