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Board Notes 09-01-2015

Good evening,

President Kirkland, School board members, Superintendent McCormick, colleagues, and community members, I am proud to be speaking on behalf of a group of teachers I truly respect and value.  The work they do every day for our students is amazing.  They are the hardest working teachers in the Inland Empire.

Students and educators should be every districts’ priority, yet the data we have gathered on your budgetary priorities suggests otherwise. In the end, Technology and Programs do not teach, and paid Consultants do not reach students, -Teachers do.

Unfortunately, decisions made without a student-centered focus have haunted this district for years, and here are just a few examples:

  • CHHS: The unwise decisions on how to fund the building and location of Citrus Hill has had fiscal ramifications that have hurt our students.
  • New Programs adopted but no training to implement them
  • Technology but no training to successfully integrate it into the classroom
  • When one site was expanded, no forethought was given regarding the impact of neighboring schools. Teachers transferred at the last minute and classes collapsed, adversely impacting students and parents
  • The Pleasee committee a great idea, but it was rushed and rolled out too quickly
  • Administrators left the need for highly-qualified teachers out of the Local Control Accountability Plan and, even though we were surveyed, teachers’ were not effectively included in the process.
  • Administration also dismissed the need to plan into the budget the offer of a competitive wage during this, a negotiations

Our interest as an association is to get the best teachers in our classrooms for our students.  If we don’t work on Recruiting and Retaining the best, we can’t give the best education to our students.  I think collaboration; giving our teachers a voice and fair compensation are the the most important ways to do that.

Sadly, we are now the last district to settle in the two counties for 14-15!

We have collaborated and worked together in many areas of our daily work. Impasse and mediation are only as effective as the participants are willing to compromise and resolve the conflict; bringing the focus back to the students-where it should be.

The Val Verde Teachers Association believes that now is the time for the district to offer a fair and competitive wage, so that we can continue to retain and recruit the best teachers in the Inland Empire for our parents, for our students, and for this community.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to speak.

Albert Trudel


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