VVTA Scholarship Awards

Parents, students and staff, I am honored to be here tonight to represent Val Verde Teachers’ Association. We represent the teachers and counselors that take care of and educate our 20,000 students.
We are here tonight to give the VVTA scholarship to five deserving students. Each year VVTA gives over $5,000 to our seniors. Many of you here are already set on a path to college. I would like you to know that we will be here to support you on your journey, not only in the classrooms and counseling offices but in making sure it is a little bit easier for you to go to college through our scholarships.
We would like to thank our scholarship committee, especially Dr. Doering, our scholarship chair. We would also like to thank all of the educators, parents, and staff that helped these students reach their goals.

From CHHS:
Diana Avalos (Math and Engineering)
Karen Garcia (Pre-Med, Journalism and Student Gov.)

From RVHS:
Mikaela Austria (Science, Medicine, Immunology, Research)
Zaneeya Leonardho (Poli-Sci, Business, Econ., and Law)

From VVA:
Quinn Haine (Computers, Technology, Electronics)

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