Suzzette Johnson’s at the Podium


Good evening,
My name is Suzette Johnson. I am a Kindergarten teacher at Victoriano Elementary and a CTA Representative.  I will be speaking to you this evening in these two capacities. In the past several years,our district, like all others in California, have gone through lean years due to budget cuts in education at both the state and federal levels.  In addition, we had to contend with fiscal mismanagement and heavy fines from previous administration misconduct.  Our district came to its teachers and used RIFs, cuts in pay, no COLA, furlough days and freezes to both step and column advancement for several years to make ends meet. The district budget was balanced and met on employees backs. Our brothers and sisters in CSEA also took cuts.  We were assured when times were better, amends would be made.  During this time, teachers continued to work hard to give our students the best in education. The accolades our district enjoys come from the dedication, innovation, hard work and giving that teachers provide everyday. Now that monies have been restored, teachers should be compensated fairly and not as an afterthought!
Thank you.

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