October’s School Board Meeting

Last night the Board ratified our contract 5-0.  This is a great start to getting our compensation to where it needs to be.  Below is my speech to the board.

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Board Notes 10-06-2015

Good evening,

President Kirkland, School board members, Superintendent McCormick, colleagues, and community members.

I would like to than our members that are here and at home with their families.  Your voices were heard.  We are now on our way to where we need to be.  I would also like to thank our tenacious negotiation team who worked so hard to get us this deal.  Thank you to CSEA for your support at School Board meetings and at our rallies.

I am glad that we have reached an agreement and I thank the board in advance for ratifying it.  Next year we will be working with the district and the board to make sure me are competitive enough to attract and retain High Quality Teachers.

I know you will continue to collaborate and heal the relationship between the District and teachers.  Let’s do this by bringing teachers into the LCAP process at the beginning instead of the end to edit, by strengthening the Curriculum Council and running our curricular changes through it, and by working on our collaboration at the Cal Turn Labor/Management conference in March.

I wanted to highlight some ways our collaboration has made a difference.  We are finally raising the sub rate to bring some respite to our teachers that are overworked subbing for their colleagues when there is no substitute.  We have protected our teachers’ time on October 12th, assuring that they have time in their classroom to get prepared for the next trimester.

Our Association would like to highlight Staci Wold for receiving an Institute for Teaching Grant from CTA for $5,000 to augment her Agri-Science program at Lakeside Middle School.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to speak.

Albert Trudel

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