November Board Meeting Speech


Board Notes 10-06-2015

Good evening,

President Kirkland, School board members, Superintendent McCormick, colleagues, and community members.

I would like to start off with an invite to our School Board to our annual CTA School Board Dinner on December 10th, the times and locations are on our invite.  I think this is a great way to start mending our relationship.

Our teachers are tired. When you start a year with so much stress, it has a way of draining your energy.  I would like the district and Board to recognize that and evaluate any new program to see if the amount of work and stress is worth the benefit.  Anything we do should lower the stress and anxiety of our teachers while helping our students.  Something new does not have to be stressful if it is rolled out right. I am glad that we are giving raises to our substitute teachers.  Hopefully now our secondary teachers can use their prep time during their prep and elementary teachers can teach with less than 40 students in the class.  Please help make this  raise happen as soon as possible.

As we continue to work hard to collaborate and repair the damage from the beginning of the year we look forward to creating more opportunities for leadership for our members.  We will continue the Leadership Institute and have a meeting on Monday to do just that. The Cal TURN conference in March will help us to continue to find ways to work together and become more collaborative.  Like we have been saying as a district, we need those that do the work to lead the work.  I want to continue to assure that we do just that.


Thank you for giving me this opportunity to speak.

Albert Trudel

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