Mediation Rally Today and School Board Meeting Next Week


Fellow Educators,

Wow, we had over 300 of our membership active today with half of our membership tied up with back to school night.  Those are amazing numbers and all of our sites were represented.  Rainbow had over 25 members representing!

We are going to need to see over half of our membership at the school board next Tuesday, September 1st to make a great impression.  We will be having a sign making workshop, speech writing workshop, and dinner at the VVTA offices beforehand.  Come by to get ready or just to hang out.

If you are interested in writing a speech please email Albert or your site rep and we will help you out with statistics, talking points and logistics.  We are looking to get as many speakers as we can with speeches on the shorter side so they can hear from more of us.  We want to keep our message focused and on point.

We are doing a great job, let’s keep it up.

Your Exec Board


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