Jacquelyn Lepore speaking at the board meeting last week.


Here is Jacquelyn’s amazing speech from last week’s School Board Meeting.

Good Evening Mr. McCormick and Esteemed Members of the Board of Education:

I have been with Citrus Hill High School since it opened and I have seen many changes.  When the district asked for help during the financial crisis, we stepped up to the plate and with less salaries, higher costs of benefits, and increased class size.
We have heard praise for the wonderful advances our district is making.  .According to the 2013 k12.niche.com, our teachers are some of the finest earning an A- grade, while other higher paid teachers are earning lower grades.  Yet we have not seen our value appreciated.  We are not asking for equality, but equity.  With monies flowing more steadily, we have watched district administrative positions develop, salaries increase for administrators that keep them among the highest paid locally and within the county.  On the other hand, we have dropped below many local districts.  Our class sizes according to the k12.niche.com is way above the national class size and above the state, and San Bernardino, Hemet, Lake Elsinore, Menifee, and Redlands.

While we are given credit for our teaching staff and our advances, we have no evidence of our value from the district.  Praise does not reduce stress nor pay the bills.  We are not asking for what we have not earned.  Actions speak louder than words.  Your actions tell us we are not valued!

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