Dear VVTA Members,

By now you may have heard that the VVTA has declared impasse in negotiations with the VVUSD.  Please be assured this was not a decision that was made hastily by the Executive Board and the Negotiations Team.  It was made with thoughtful consideration.

The facts are as follows:

  • The District promised compensation would be negotiated at the table in 2014-15.
  • The 14- 15 budget left no room for compensation increases to even be negotiated.
  • The District has continually put off bargaining for compensation and cancelled negotiations till the 26th of May.
  • The compensation offer from the district was not competitive with like districts.
  • Our counter-offer was very fair and reasonable.

Your VVTA team remains committed to securing a fair and equitable salary increase that keeps us competitive with the surrounding districts, and further, allows us to recruit and retain high-quality teachers.

Though we have declared impasse, we continue to hope that the district will make our members a priority and reconsider their salary proposal. Should the district desire to make significant movement from their last offer, your VVTA team is ready to continue to negotiate in good faith.

More than ever, we need you to stand in solidarity, as we continue to represent your interests.  We are in the process of coordinating activities and events through the Organizing Team and details will be provided to you through your Site Representatives.

~Your Executive Board and Negotiating Team

The Impasse Process:  Once impasse is declared by either party, in this case us, the Public Employment Relations Board will make a determination as to whether impasse exists.  If PERB determines impasse exists a mediator will be assigned to the case to help the parties to reach a settlement.  If the mediator is not successful in helping to achieve a settlement, then the parties can be certified for fact finding.  Further information will be provided as we go through the process.



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