Evelyn Fountain’s Board Speech


Board Members, Superintendent and colleagues, my name is Evelyn Fountain and I am a teacher in the district.   When I talk to teachers I know from other districts, I always bring up the great things our district has always done to make student achievement a number one priority.

What I should be telling them instead is about all the hard work and effort our teachers give to help our students be successful.  All the awards and accomplishments that have been received by this district have not been accomplished because of district personnel or admimistrators. No, they have been accomplished through the hard work of the teachers in the classrooms.

Teachers are the ones who make students successful. Teachers are the ones who help students achieve. It us not the district that teaches in the classrooms everyday. The district decides what books we will teach from and what programs they think will help the students.  We, the teachers, are the ones that have to make these programs work, make them stronger, and make them successful. We are the ones that make the programs you choose better. We are the ones that give up our lunch time, our personal time, and yes, even our family time for the benefit of our schools, our students, and even our district.

Our work day isn’t over when the clock stops. Our workload never ends. Imagine just how successful our students would be if teachers just worked their hours and didn’t take work home, or volunteer for programs, or spend any extra time working to improve student achievement.  It’s hard to imagine a world where teachers didn’t put in 150% of their effort.

It is time for you to stop taking advantage of teachers and the time they give.

Thank You!

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