Board Notes for 6/23/2015 and New Administrators

New Administrators

Manuel L. Real Elementary – Fernando Betanzos (ES principal from Hemet Unified)

Bethune Elementary School – Katrina Bermudez (AP from LES)

Tomas Rivera Middle School – Esteban Lizarraga (AP from CHHS)

Val Verde High School –  Steven Coelho (AP from RVHS)

Notes for Board Meeting on 6/23/2015

Fellow educators, President Kirkland, Superintendent Lopez, Board, Community Members and Colleagues; I am honored to talk you on behalf of Val Verde Teachers’ Association.

We as educators need to continue to collaborate and create an environment where those that are doing the work are the ones doing the planning and leading the way.  We have invested in this with the district in many ways and will continue to.  In June we had over 30 teachers and administrators attend our Leadership Training Institute and we had our first PLLEASE committee bringing teachers and administrators together to plan professional development that is more focused toward what teachers need.  The negotiation team got together on the 17th with the district and worked on finalizing language for the contract.  We will be meeting on the 23rd of July to mediate compensation where we will work towards a competitive compensation package and our fair share.

With the district we have put out the Organizational Health Inventory and will use it next year to help guide our sites to work more smoothly.  We hope to roll it out to our sites through our site reps and principals in the beginning of the year.

I would like to take this time to give an open invite to our School Board  to come to our Site Rep Council and General Membership Meetings.  I will get you a calendar with the dates before the end of the summer.

Collaboration is difficult, complex and messy, but it is a much more fruitful process with results I know will last.  We have seen the great gains we have made in the district through collaboration that we could never had made before.

Thank you for giving me this time to speak and I hope you all have a great summer.



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