Welcome Back Speech and Thanks


Fellow Educators,

Wow!  What a great representation and support from our teachers!  I believe the message that you sent was heard loud and clear.  Below is my speech from the Welcome Back, please  click like if you agree with our message.

Your Exec Board


Fellow Educators, Support Staff and Honored Guests, I am grateful to be here speaking with you today.  I amazed at the number of teachers in black and green with buttons on.

As the buttons say, I truly believe that it is impossible to put students first when teachers are put last.  A strong, appreciated, teacher that is valued for their opinion and work is a teacher that is better and more focused for their students.

VVTA wants you to know that you are appreciated for all that you do.  We are the best teachers, counselors and educators in the Inland Empire.  We are told by research these students shouldn’t succeed by society’s standards.  But they do, because we believe that all kids can learn.  We work hard to make sure that they have success in school, life and become great citizens of our country.

Let me tell you that I appreciate you and the union appreciates you.  I know that you work hard every day, most of us staying after our contract hours to tutor our students, run a club, enter grades or run an activity all without a stipend or extra pay.  We appreciate how you will take a new technology or program and struggle with it until you learn it well enough to teach it to your students, sometimes without any previous training. All because you know it is what is good for our students.

I know that there have been times you have neglected your family at home to make sure your family at school thrives.  Know that you are appreciated, not just by me, but by your students and their families.  You are an amazing group of people and I applaud you.  You are worth much more than you know, you are worth much more than you are paid, you are worth the smile, strength, and direction that you give our students.

Thank you for our students and their families.  You are valued, you are appreciated.  Let this year be one of our best, here is to a great beginning for our students.


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