History of the Val Verde Unified School District

The first documented school in our area was established in 1863 as the Schneider School District.  A local farmer began a K-12 class in his home helping to educate children from the farming families that populated Gavilan Hills and the Green Valley areas.  In 1897 the district affiliated itself with a school district nearby.

In 1916, SUSD board members honored the communities’ wishes to rename the district “Val Verde”.  Opening its first grammar school in 1928.  Val Verde appeared well on its way to becoming an educational institution.

The Val Verde Grammar School endured until 1960 when the new Val Verde Elementary School opened with 293 K-8 students.  However, student population demanded more schools and Mead Valley was built with an additional facility, Glen View School.

For the next twenty-five plus years, Val Verde Elementary School District operated with two schools.  As the area began developing, affordable homes in Riverside County became the focal point of families outside the county.

In July 1991, Val Verde Elementary School District unified within its own boundaries serving grades K-12.  Our student population doubled overnight and continued to grow.  As of now, the district serves over 20,000 students at 12 elementary schools, 4 middle schools, and 4 high schools.  The district started building Orange Vista High School in 2015 and opened for students in 2016.

Val Verde Teachers Association has grown and helped develop the district’s teaching practices all along the way.  Our teaching staff has gone from just a few teachers to 857 teachers this year.