Stop Talking About Teachers As If We’re Missionaries

teacher angel

We are professionals and need to act and deserve to be treated like ones.  We are not saints nor are we the demons that some would make us out to be.   We need to change the way we talk about our profession and change the way others view us.   We are human, make mistakes and we are professionals.  We also need to take back our profession from those that are not in the classroom.   We are the ones that know what is best!  We are highly educated, continue to get educated throughout our careers and know what our students need to succeed.  Our goal as a union is to make sure that we have a voice in what is done in our district, but we need the help of everyone to make sure that we get heard.

“They’re missing that I am not actually sacrificing to do this. I’m working extremely hard because I believe in this intellectual journey—for my students and also for me. It is deeply engaging.”  — Hope Harrod, DC’s 2012 Teacher of the Year

The article at Washingtonian :

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