Oppose Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education

Betsy DeVos – President-elect Donald Trump’s pick for secretary of education – has no experience with public schools. She’s never worked as an educator or in a public school in any capacity. She didn’t attend public schools and did not send her children to public schools.

Instead, she has spent her career working to undermine public education. DeVos has lobbied and bankrolled failed schemes like vouchers, which take money away from public schools to fund private schools at taxpayers’ expense and with little to no accountability. By nominating Betsy DeVos, the incoming Trump administration is demonstrating it does not share our vision of public education and what works best for students, parents, and communities.

Tell your senators that we need an experienced, qualified secretary of education who actually wants to strengthen and improve all public schools. Contact your senators now, and tell them to vote NO on Betsy DeVos.

Write a letter to your Senator

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