Lorene Dinsmore Asking for Help


Help us out… that is what the administration and the school board has asked of we teachers for years.

More than fifteen years ago, teachers were asked to give up class size reduction – Help us out to cut costs…. Teachers in all grade levels took more students into their classes.   Class sizes have never gone back down to that level.

Help us out… Seven years ago… due to debts not incurred by or for teachers, we were again asked to help out by taking a cut in pay.  Last year, administration told us we had been made whole, since our salary schedule was finally back to what it was before the cuts.  How can you say we are made whole when during those seven years, the cost of living has gone up 9.7%?    When I came into this district fifteen years ago, Val Verde teachers were among the highest paid teachers in the area.  Now we are among the very lowest.

Help us out, we were asked to help raise test scores.  Val Verde test scores are among the best in the region.

Help us out, we were asked to reduce absences so the district’s funding would go up.  Attendance went up.

Help us out, the district needs a new high school, which requires a bond issue to be passed.  Teachers gave up their time to man phone banks.  The first bond issue ever to pass in Val Verde was supported by the voters.  We are getting the new high school.

Help us out, by not purchasing the new language arts adoption, the district would save money.

Help us out, by developing our own unit plans, rather than purchasing textbook adoptions in line with common core.

Help us out – printing costs are too high, make fewer copies, while the district office is sending out color copies of notices to all district employees.

Help Us Out!  Now is the time for teachers to say

“Help us out” – give us a fair contract

“Help us out”  – with a competitive salary schedule

Help us out.

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