Jose Ruilova’s Board Message


Comparable Districts in the surrounding areas of Perris, Moreno Valley, Lake Elsinore, Riverside, and Corona would still be paying their teachers a higher compensation, even if all that the VVTA is bargaining for is approved. On the other hand, the pay for the administrative staff is actually higher in the Val Verde School District than in comparable districts in the surrounding areas. It is time to change this dichotomy by having the Val Verde teacher’s compensation become once again one of the best in the area, just as the Val Verde administrators enjoy their best in the area compensation.

Furthermore, looking into the future, why would a new successful professional teacher want to come to teach in Val Verde when he or she could see that teachers are properly rewarded elsewhere around us but not here? By putting teachers last the district is diminishing its competitiveness to attract the best possible talent for the future and perhaps even encouraging some teachers to move on to where they will be appreciated. It is time that Val Verde regains that leadership by repaying the teachers for that which was borrowed from them previously under promises of returns when the time allowed, and that time is now.

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