Jose Ruilova at the Mic

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Comparable districts in the surrounding areas would still be compensating their teachers better, even if all that the VVTA is bargaining for is approved. Surrounding districts are putting their money where their mouth is when saying that students are first, and rewarding teachers accordingly.  On the other hand, the pay for administrative staff is actually higher in the Valverde School District than in the surrounding areas. So let’s put 2 and 2 together and what we have in Valverde is a district that rewards those who are the furthest away from the students by being the highest paid in the area, however, the district’s pay for teachers is at the bottom of the list.  This dichotomy in which those who are the furthest from the students are the best paid in the area, while teachers, who are actually educating the students from sunrise to sunset, are at the bottom for a fair and equitable compensation, is simply incomprehensible for a district that prides itself on educational leadership.
Teachers are the ones who directly touch the minds of the students in order to light the candle of knowledge within them. Teachers are the pressure that turns them into diamonds. Teachers take them through the process that changes the crude oil in their minds into usable fuel. Teachers forge our most precious natural resource, the minds of the future.  Often times the village that it takes to educate a child is not there and the classroom teachers ARE the village for many of our students.
Over the years I have known a variety of administrators who have mentioned to me that they would not go back to the classroom for any reason. Teachers ARE in the classroom doing what some highly paid administrators would not do, perhaps it is time to consider paying teachers their fair share for an exceptionally challenging job.
“To be or not to be. That is the question” The district loves to brag about how great our teaching is, we even have educators from other districts come to observe our successes. The question is does the district simply love to talk about our successes or does it reward our successes by giving the teachers a well-deserved fair compensation?


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