Carol Jones’ Turn at the Mic


School Board Members, Fellow Educators, Classified Staff, Administrators, Parents, and Students,

We work in a district telling its teachers they are the best at what they do, they are valued, and they are appreciated.  Yet, in spite of concessions teachers have made in the recent past, and the trust in your word, you are asking us to concede and accept the unacceptable.

Since the recession, food has risen 27% and is still rising, energy costs have risen 37% and still rising, housing has risen 10% and is still rising, and healthcare has risen 22% and is still rising as well.  Inflation is up a startling 22% since 2011.

I teach in a classroom without appropriate curriculum geared to Common Core, reinventing the wheel, day after day, and face administration continuing to complain about printing costs.  Additionally, as an English teacher, it takes 5-7 minutes to grade a single essay.  With 160 students, that equates to 13 hours and 33 minutes per essay assigned-without any other assignment to grade in the equation—Unpaid time costing my family.  Intervention to help keep students on track—which once was paid by our district—is not…and this too is costing my family.  I have been told I should stop, but the result is lower test scores and this puts me between a rock and a hard place…I hear, “Why?  What aren’t you doing?”

While our administration is among the highest paid in the area, the teachers are among the lowest.  Who made the strides with our kids?  We did—your teachers did.  We helped students raise test scores over the past 10 years.  We reached our students, and meanwhile we stand before you expected to accept a paltry offer.  Our pay has dropped enough.  We have been loyal, hardworking, and trusting—for what?  There is no doubt it is your turn to concede.


Carol Jones TRMS

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