Act Now Memo from VVTA Organizing Team


Val Verde Teachers,

We need to act NOW! It’s time to step up, act out, or sit down forever. If we sit down now Val Verde teachers will never be taken seriously in the future and will never receive their just due!

No movement was made at the last mediation meeting, and we are still at impasse. The next mediation meeting is Wednesday, September 9th. Depending on this next mediation meeting, there is fact finding, and after that we are 30 to 60 days from a likely STRIKE!

Do you want fair compensation? Do you want to be taken seriously? Are you willing to work the contract? Are you prepared to strike? Or do you want to settle and take what the District is offering? If we settle for a meager allowance now there will be no need to EVER speak up again.

Your presence is direly needed at the school board meeting and as many other events as possible if Val Verde Teachers are ever to be heard in this District again. Where do you really stand? It’s now or never time folks!


VVTA Organizing Team

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